Join RUSA!

If you enjoy the brevet style of riding, or you are keen on endurance cycling in general, then why not join Randonneurs USA, the national club in the US for brevet cycling events?

Reasons to join include:

  • Handbook sent out to all new members. Contains a wealth of information about randonneuring. Worth the membership fee by itself!
  • American Randonneur newsletter, distributed to members 4 times per year
  • Medals available to purchase for completed brevets
  • Brevet results entered in RUSA’s online searchable database
  • Required to qualify for, and enter, Paris-Brest-Paris and other long brevets
  • Chance to qualify for a number of RUSA cycling awards
  • Voting for RUSA’s elected officials, or standing for office
  • Support for the organization behind brevet cycling in the US
  • Growing list of Permanent routes to ride any time, in many regions
  • Many souvenir items available for purchase

To join RUSA, follow the link below

Randonneurs USA